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  • 1995.08.31Establishment of Hanjung Co., Ltd
    (Corporate establishment)
  • 1996.09.30Completion of factory
  • 1996.09.30Appointed as a super company for technology
    competitiveness (Small and Medium Sized
    Company Administration)


  • 2000.12.21Appointed as a company for special
    cases of military service (Military
    Manpower Administration)
  • 2002.07.19Certified for a demonstrative business place of cleanness (Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency
  • 2003.01.04Establishment of ERP system
  • 2004.08.20Participation into NURI project Establishment of research center inside university (Kyungil University)
  • 2004.09.07Appointed for the company of BEST PARTNER
    (Korea Credit Guarantee Fund)
  • 2004.09.09Appointed for innovative leading small and medium sized company (National Balanced Development Committee)
  • 2004.10.01Registered for actual demand
    business partner of POSCO
  • 2004.11.26Appointed for the STAR BEST company (Kookmin Bank)
  • 2005.01.03Establishment of the POINT OF PRODUCT SYSTEM
  • 2005.02.22Registered for INNO-BIZ company (Small and Medium Sized Company Administration)
  • 2005.04.25Certified for company annexed research center
    (Korea Industry Technology Association)
  • 2006.12.19Appointed for the member company for demonstrative small and medium sized company
  • 2007.02.01Appointed for the member of SBC GLOBAL CEO CLUB
  • 2008.03.21Capital participation into Small and
    Medium Business Corporation
  • 2008.06.02Appointed for promising small and medium business company for export (Small and Medium Sized Company Administration)
  • 2008.12.11Appointed for the best SQ quality company for HMC.KMC
  • 2008.12.24Appointed for the family company by Small &
    Medium Business Corporation
  • 2009.09.01Appointed for the innovative technological
    task of regional base industry
  • 2009.09.28Participation into the consortium for leading technological task in metropolitan area
    of Daegu and Gyeongbuk
    (POSCO Energy Development of hydrogen fuel cell)
  • 2009.12.31SINGLE PPM (Small and Medium
    Sized Company Administration)


  • 2010.04.30Appointed for the special company for parts and materials (Ministry of Knowledge and Economy)
  • 2010.05.202010 Appointed for the venture firm
  • 2011.05.03MOU for building up company culture for both standing of work.home to overcome the low birth
    (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family)
  • 2011.06.30Capital participation into DaeGyeong
    Venture Capital Corporation
  • 2011.07.20Started to build new factory
  • 2011.07.29Certified for A grade in green management by small and medium sized company (Small and Medium Sized Company Administration)
  • 2011.10.20Opening of the nursery home in workplace
    (No. 1 in Youngcheon)
  • 2012.05.08Certified for small and medium sized company of management innovation (Small and Medium Sized Company Administration)
  • 2012.06.01Completion of new factory Movement
  • 2012.06.27Appointed for the good company for working (Ministry of Knowledge and Economy, Gyeongsangbuk-Do, Gyeongbuk Technopark and KBS)
  • 2012.07.03Appointed for the company of the month (July) (Gyeongbuk Technopark)
  • 2012.07.20Appointed for the best company in the future
    (Small and Medium Sized Company Administration)
  • 2012.09.18Appointed for the company of PRIDE product (Gyeongsangbuk-Do)
  • 2012.11.05Appointed for the resource project linked to the project making for the convergence technology of small and medium sized company (Making project for the reformer of the hydrogen fuel cell for home use)
  • 2012.12.11selected as STAR enterprise of Korea Credit guarantee funds(40 enterprises in the whole country)
  • 2013.01.30Capital participation into Korea Development Bank
  • 2013.03.05Opening of the in-house university
    (Junior courses of Kyungil University 18 students)