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Maximization of the happiness of constitutional members

Hanjung creates the warm corporate culture to sympathize and carries out with the community and strengthens the mental power of the company by carrying out the diversified innovative movements of the company

  • 2000Appointed for the company for special cases
  • 2001Company wide blood donation movement
  • 2002Movement of possessing 1 hoppy for 1 person
  • 2003Movement of ask if it is not known
  • 2004Movement of praise relay
  • 2005Movement of In Advance & In Advance/ My Fault
  • 2006Movement of NOW or Never
  • 2007Movement of sharing the dream
  • 2008Movement of Do It Now
  • 2009Movement of Yes, We Can
  • 2010Movement of 1 book reading a month
  • 2011Movement of INNO 333
  • 2012Movement of making 7 efforts for customer
  • 2013Company wide master movement

A great company beyond good company.

"The social contribution movement for sustainable development is going together with Hanjung."

Hanjung is spending a huge energy to various social contribution activities in Korea and abroad by means of various external activities and self exchange activities, and creating social value by financial supporting and investing company asset and core capability to the society and promoting sustainable development as well as strengthening the capability of the local society.
Hanjung obtains the consistent trust from the market by means of strategic partnership and contributes to improve the company competitiveness through ethical management.